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The aging process is often unpredictable, especially for those dealing with disease. At CareSolver, we're trying to make it easier for everyone to develop a deeper awareness about some of the most common diseases and health conditions a loved one may face. Our interactive, easy-to-understand lessons explain the underlying causes of specific diseases and what you can expect as the disease progresses, providing you with the insight you need to take better control of your health.
Manage To-Dos
With so many things to remember, it's difficult to keep track of everything and even when we make to-do lists, it's still easy to leave something out. CareSolver's task manager keeps you on track with reminders for things you need to do today as well as tasks you need to complete later in the week, so you can plan ahead. Drawing from your own calendar as well as your health profile, CareSolver's task manager program even provides reminders for health-related tasks you may not have thought of, like scheduling blood tests and checkups.
Manage Medication
Taking medications on time every day is a critical part of maintaining health and independence. Our medication management tool keeps track of medications, dosages and other information and creates a virtual schedule to help you stay on track. We also provide a medication evaluator tool that can help identify potential side effects of the medications you're taking.
As a comprehensive health and wellness management system, CareSolver specializes in developing and providing the tools and materials that make your life easier. In addition to maintaining an up-to-date patient profile including your own personal health records, CareSolver maintains a list of healthcare and service providers in your area, an online library of resource material covering health, wellness and lifestyle topics, assessment quizzes to help you monitor and evaluate your own health, and a wealth of other valuable tools to help you manage your health and your healthcare.